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Jarrett’s Home Improvement provides various special programs to help you save on your home improvement projects. These programs include the Senior Citizen Program, First Time Home Buyers Program, J.H.I Generosity Program, J.H.I Sunday Hours, and J.H.I Savers Club Program. These offers are designed to boost your purchasing power and make big improvements easier and more affordable. You can choose from a range of services, including kitchen upgrades, bathroom repair, and installing new tubs. Contact JHI to find out which program best fits your needs and get started on your home improvement project today!

J.H.I Savers Club Program

The J.H.I. Savers Club Program is a yearly membership program offered by Jarrett’s Home Improvement.

For a one-time signup fee of $30 and a yearly fee of $720, members will receive a total of eight hours of labor per year, provided by one man. The fees cover labor only and members can choose from a list of services offered by Jarrett’s Home Improvement and handyman Service.
Restrictions: Any equipment required for a job will incur an additional cost. This program cannot be combined with other offers or promotions and 24-hour emergency service is available.

Sunday Hour Home Improvement

Jarrett’s Home Improvement is offering a Sunday Hour promotion exclusively for JHI customers. This promotion allows customers to receive one hour of free labor on any job within the scope of services provided by JHI.

Customers can choose from a checklist of services, and work can only be done on Sundays within the promotion period.

To schedule an appointment, customers can call 203-912-0442 or email It is important to note that this promotion cannot be combined with other specials or promotions.

Senior citizen program 60 years & over

Are you a senior citizen over 60 years of age looking for ways to maximize your spending power for home improvement needs?

The Senior Citizen Program at Jarrett’s Home Improvement is a special program aimed at providing preferential treatment to seniors over 60 years of age.

The program offers a 15% discount on home improvement projects ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, with the labor cost being the only eligible component for the discount. If you sign up for the popular J.H.I Savers Club program, the $30 signup fee will be waived.

Restrictions: This offer is valid for the first project only and materials purchased by Jarrett’s Home Improvement are not subject to a markup.

First Time Home Buyers Program

Take advantage of this exclusive offer and make your first home feel like a dream come true with Jarrett’s Home Improvement. Contact us today to learn more.

The First Time Home Buyers Program from Jarrett’s Home Improvement offers a $50 discount for every $1,000 spent on a project for first time home buyers. The $30 sign-up fee for the popular JHI Savers Club Program is also waived for first time home buyers.

Restrictions: The discount applies to labor costs only, and there is no markup on materials purchased by Jarrett’s Home Improvement. This offer is valid for the first project only.

Jarrett’s Home Improvement Generosity Program

Maximize Your Savings!

Jarrett’s Home Improvement Generosity Program was designed to give clients an additional 8-man hours (1 man for 8 hours) of labor at no cost for all projects costing $20,000 or more not including equipment and materials. All jobs are within the scope of services that are provided by Jarrett’s Home Improvement. Take advantage of our most popular program: Jarrett’s Home Improvement Savers club program and save.

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